Efficient & Performance-Oriented Amazon Marketing

At Bizz Directions, we have a professional team skilled in managing, optimizing, and growing your advertising accounts and your running campaigns to build your brand. We create possibilities for brands so that they can win the buy box by increasing their sales with our help off-coarse.

We are the industry-leading Amazon ads running agency, and we are PPC experts. We provide custom PPC advertising services that are data-driven. Our ads increase your sales, revenue, and market dominance. Our team of qualified PPC experts optimizes amazon Bids reducing your Amazon CPC and increasing your ROI at the same time.

Our Amazon product ads experts optimize the ads for maximum performance. We set up your product listing making sure your product appears in the most relevant search results and gets the most effective clicks. Using our Amazon advertising strategy, we drive the right traffic to your Amazon page, ensuring high revenues for your brand.

Establishing a Solid Presence of your Brand on Amazon

Competing on Amazon is not easy anymore. It requires much more than just an aggressive search engine optimization strategy to run the ads effectively. Today, Amazon advertising requires a fully optimized PPC campaign.

Almost 43% of clicks on Amazon come from the paid ad’s advertisers are running on the platform. This research demonstrates that if you are not advertising on Amazon – you are not earning what you could on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform.

Lucky for you because our Amazon experts are strategists when it comes to selling on Amazon. We set up your product, we derive and redirect the most relevant audience to your page, we monitor the progress and fine-tune anything that stands between your customer and sales.

Bizz Directions Amazon PPC Advertising Includes

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Bizz Directions – Your PPC advertising experts create and develop Sponsored brands. With the ability to promote up to three products, we streamline your targeted shoppers as they are searching for the brand relevant item in Amazon. Amazon sponsored ads are known to convert three times better than Google search ads.

Sponsored Product Ad

We optimize Amazon product ads for maximum performance in terms of ROI. We create and manage your Amazon advertising strategy. Using this method, we make sure that we target the audience accurately while adjusting Amazon bids based on the product’s real performance. Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon offer the best sales-per-click, and Bizz Directions maximize those ROIs for you.

Amazon Brand Ads

Sponsored ads on Amazon do a lot more than just driving sales. They spread brand awareness – these brand ads feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to 3 products at the same time. With our Amazon PPC brand optimization, we control your cost, we bring shoppers to your shoppers, and we grow your brand awareness. This strategy helps us to generate recognition for your brand and build a product portfolio.

Our Approach


Whether you are launching a new product or we have to optimize your running PPC campaigns, we have the experience to help you out.

Our Expertise Include:

  • Strategic planning and implementation.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Keyword research and optimization.
  • Product page development.


With ongoing testing and implementations, we optimize your amazon ads to perform amazingly well so that your campaigns ensure maximum sales profit.

Our Expertise Include

  • Dedicated Amazon SEO.
  • Email marketing for your product.
  • Customer service management.
  • Amazon paid advertising optimization.


By regularly monitoring your performance and sending you reports of your Amazon’s ROI. We ensure that you have a clear picture of how well your ads are performing.

Our Expertise Include

    Data management and analysis. Discount and retention strategy. Reviews strategy. Customized reporting.

Taking Your Brand to The Next Level

Establishing your brand in a crowded market place requires extreme measures in terms of market capturing strategies, implementations, following best practices, and ensuring a dedicated team to manage all your day to day Amazon activities.

Where Your Team Ends, Our Begins

Our Amazonians are experts, and they know what to do to gain control of your Amazon ads. Our team is an expert in showcasing your brand, whether it is a new campaign or a major platform switch.

Making sure your brand never misses a beat, we run your ads in the background. With our fingers on the pulse, your success on Amazon is guaranteed.

Ready to Get Your Amazon Campaigns on Track?

So Are We

So, if you are selling on Amazon or you want to sell on Amazon – We can prove to be the best thing that ever happened to your brand. From comprehensive paid advertising strategies to improving product listings, we are experts, and our experts will leave you mesmerized.

If online shoppers are not buying from you, they are most probably buying from someone else.

Why You Should Focus On Amazon Ads

Amazon is the best platform for B2C business, you should always focus on Amazon advertising for best ROI. See our video for more detials.

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