What Is A Brand Audit?

A brand audit is a reality check of your brand's actual position. Your strategy may have positioned your brand at a particular place, but you may get alarmed when you see your sales dropping, or you feel that you should raise your position; you need to audit your brand to check your exact status.

A brand audit, in essence, is a SWOT analysis for your brand. You discover its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. All brands have a life cycle; through your audit process you can narrow down to what stage your brand currently stands. If your sales and profits are suffering; you have to revisit your strategy and amend it to fix your brands position.

How To Audit Your Brand?

Revisiting your strategy and finding ways to improve your sales is essential for growth. You can check your brands health in the following ways:

  • Try to understand if your missions and vision are still aligned with customer’s perceptions of your brand.
  • Conduct interviews with your customers.
  • Check out your web analytics. If there is a decline in traffic or an increase in bounce rate; consider what the reasons maybe.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of your social media presence, has it reduced or increased?
  • See if your sales have declined or not?
  • Look at your competitors and see if there are any changes. Changes such as new patented technologies in their offerings.
  • Amend your strategy and see if it helps.

Why Bizz Directions?

Businesses typically use digital agencies to carry out their brand audits. Bizz Directions can help you audit your brand and give you suggestions on how to improve its position.

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Why You Need Branding

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