Market Research & Buyer Persona

Devising a precise branding strategy to put your business on the physical and digital map is vital to your business’s success. You have to take calculative measures and consider all sequential and consequential effects of your strategy. Market research is a model to generate detailed information about your target customers and their interests. This can help you align your branding strategy with the interests of your end-users.

Conducting Market Research

The aim of your branding strategy is to find your target market and its expectations from your brand. With thorough research you can find the cream customers and define your plan accordingly. The goal is to showcase your brand's uniqueness and the differentiations your offering possesses which positions you above your competitors. Through marker research you gain a considerable amount of factual data which can be used to make a calculative decision about what your customers perceive from your brand.

The research process starts with thorough secondary research by studying data which is already available. This data includes; market surveys, industry analysis, changing trends, national statistics, newspaper articles, journals, etc. Once you have exhausted all secondary sources and still your research is inconclusive; you move towards primary research. Primary research relies on surveys, interviews, questioners, observations, focus groups, etc.. The conducted study is quantitative and qualitative.

What is achieved from Market Research and how can Bizz Directions help you?

Market research is a tedious process and requires a considerable about of time and resources. Majority companies rely on third party researchers to help them in gathering factual data. Bizz Directions has had an excellent track record of successfully positioning our customers’ brands above their competitors. Our customers belong to different industries from around the world, which has leveraged us to create our detailed databases and customer personas. Apart from our extensive databases, we have a strong team to carry out in-depth research throughout your brand building process.

Our research will provide you answers to the following queries and many more:

  • What do current customers believe about your product or services, and how can you make your offerings better in the future?
  • What do companies internal stakeholders feel about the product or service and what they may value in the future?
  • Who are your competitors, and how can you provide a better user experience than them?

Market Research

A buyer persona and a market reach is the basic thing what you do before starting a digital marketing campaign for your client.

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