The Rise Of Social Media

Social Media has had a tremendous increase in size and impact since its commencement. If properly tapped, there are endless possibilities to how far you may grow.

William Shakespeare's famous phrase can best describe social media marketing, "the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open."

Each social media platform has its unique set of audiences, e.g., LinkedIn's audience's mutual interests include professionalism, career growth, and recruitment. A research by Statista tell us that bout 45% of the global population, i.e., more than 3 Billion people are on Social Media, and this number is increasing by the second.

The Power Of Social Media Marketing

Hubsopt tells us that Social Media is considered to be an effective medium by 85% of marketers. Facebook is the front runner to augment your business, as 2.26 Billion people use this platform. A research by Zephoria.

Businesses need to establish themselves on prominent social media channels by advocating their strengths to their audience.

Businesses need to make sure that their message is customized for different channels as all platforms serve a different purpose. It can be overwhelming to establish yourself across all media platforms. A social media marketing team can benefit you tremendously.

At Bizz Directions, we have a dedicated social media marketing team trained to use the power of Social Media to properly to boost your business.

The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Proper use of Social Media Channels can land you with your right target audience for excellent results. E.g., If you sell jewelry, you can target audiences on Instagram and Facebook. You can choose a few general interests most relevant to the expected buyer persona.

You need an social media managers for social media marketing due to his or her expertise in finding the right target audience. If done correctly, you would generate leads beyond your expectations. Bizz Directions guarantees that these leads won't go empty-handed, our dedicated team will convince them to carry out the intended action.

What Bizz Directions Can Do

Bizz Directions has had a good number of successful clients because of our qualified teams. With time, we have generated data of cream customers who tend to make purchases or act as a reference group. We will find the right audience for your business and also use our extensive databases to narrow down to the best possible leads.

Our Process

We have kept a customer-centric approach in designing custom social media marketing strategies for your business. Our process is entirely transparent, and you are always kept in the loop. The initiation process starts with a meeting with our customers to know about their wants and needs.

Our SMM teams carry out extensive research about your target market, competition, and potential customers. Once we have all our research finalized, we execute a strategy and track its progress. The good thing about all Digital Media platforms is quick access to statistics. We work on set targets and look for new convertible leads.

What Bizz Directions Will Do For You

Our dedicated marketing and SMM teams will:

  • Devise strategies fit for your offerings
  • Devise strategies customized for different Social Media Channels
  • Design Ad campaigns with Artwork for sales and brand awareness
  • Find new potential leads and markets for you to develop further and diversify
  • Handle your social media accounts and publish posts on a routine basis.
  • The advice you if there are any new areas which can increase your business
  • Provide you with the earliest return on investment

Bizz Directions Targets Audiences By Considering The Following Areas

  • Audience Interests
  • Age of potential targeted audience.
  • Locations
  • The connection between individuals, e.g., Friends, friends of friends, everyone, etc.
  • Contact Numbers
  • Specific Status Updates
  • Gender exclusive. You can run a gender-neutral campaign or targ4et either men or women.
  • Liked pages and posts
  • Email Addresses

Bizz Directions – The Best Social Media Marketing Company

With a client retention rate of more than 95 percent, Bizz Directions is a trusted choice for your brand. We streamline your requirements and target the most relevant audience so that your brand can achieve goals and get the best ROI.

Also, we are transparent. Competitive social media campaign optimization, combined with our industry-leading technology, gives us an edge over social media campaigns, and this is why we derive unmatchable results for our clients.

Social Media

Marketing on social media is a process of using social media portals to have with your target audience to craft a brand, increase your sales, and get lots of web traffic.

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