By: Fahad Hussain
June 03, 2024

Is Chat GPT Threat To Google

In the rapid changing of technology, the development and rise of artificial intelligence has sparked a new debate: Is Google scared of Chat GPT, the conversational AI developed by OpenAI? This question has caught significant attention, with some saying "Chat GPT is a Google killer" and others questioning its potential to disrupt the search engine giant.

The Development Of Chat GPT

Chat GPT, which stands for “generative pre-trained transformer,” is a large language model that has captured a wide audience with its ability to generate human-like text. It can write essays, create code, and even compose music, showcasing the transformative power of AI. Within few days of its release, ChatGPT reached over a million users, with a major shift in how we interact with technology.

The Impact on Search

The real fact of the debate lies in the functionality of Chat GPT as a search tool. Unlike traditional search engines that return a list of web or social media links, Chat GPT provides direct, conversational answers to queries. This has led to speculation about its potential to change the way we seek information online.

Google’s Response

Google, aware of the shifting sands, has launched its own AI chatbot, Bard later named Gemini, to compete in this new arena. The move indicates that even the search engine behemoth recognizes the changing tide and the need to innovate to maintain its position.

“The examples we have seen are generally very uncommon queries, and aren't representative of most people's experiences. The vast majority of AI overviews provide high-quality information, with links to dig deeper on the web. We, conducted extensive testing before launching this new experience to ensure AI overviews meet our high bar for quality.”
Through BBC - Google's Spokesperson

The Reality Check

Despite the hype, it’s important to understand that Chat GPT is not a web browser and cannot perform real-time internet searches. Its knowledge is limited to data up to 2021 but the paid version has the capability to search the data till now.

The Future of AI in Search

The question remains: Will Chat GPT kill Google? The answer is not straightforward. Chat GPT represents a significant advancement in AI, but it is not yet a direct competitor to Google’s search engine. However, as AI continues to develop, the potential for disruption cannot be ignored. The integration of AI into search could redefine the landscape, making it a space to watch closely.

In conclusion, while Chat GPT is not currently a “Google killer,” it is a catalyst for change in the search industry. Its impact on Google’s future and the broader implications for how we access information are yet to be fully realized. As AI technology progresses, it may not be about one killing the other, but rather how both can evolve to better serve the needs of users in the AI era.

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