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Google has dominated the search engine world for more than a decade. If digital success is your concern, your presence on the top of Google SERP’s has become a factor. Search Engine Marketing is the most efficient form of digital marketing. Here, you have the option of giving maximum exposure to your brand.

Your brand is visible in front of the audience, who is already actively searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube.

At Bizz Directions, our highly experienced team devise strategies and execute ad campaigns that boost your traffic ergo grow your business. Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial part in increasing your business, and our team is fully capable of providing on-page search engine optimization by proper keyword insertion as per the requirement of Google Algorithm.

If you want to grow and reach a higher level, get in touch with us. Let’s put your money to proper use by designing a custom campaign for your product to optimize its presence via Google AdWords and Ad Extensions. Our all-in-one SEM handles all the aspects a search engine marketing strategy should have that includes but are not limited to:

  • We research your brand and the targeted audience.
  • We Execute SEM best practices.
  • We test the performance of the ads campaign.
  • Bizz Directions tracks the progress of your ads using Google Analytics and optimize the low performing campaigns.

How Does Google Ads Work?

When a potential visitor or customer searches for a particular keyword on Google, he or she has a high tendency to click on the search results that appear on the first page.

Google Ads is a medium that relies on Pay-Per-Click advertisements to promote content to target customers. Once advertisers narrow down the list of keywords they want to focus on, they use smart bidding, those keywords then appear on the top of Google when searched. Once a visitor clicks on a particular Google Ad, the business is charged per click.

The Google PPC campaign is designed to engage audiences and gain their attention, and the overall aim is to encourage them to contact the business, make a purchase, subscribe to a blog, etc.

Google Ads PPC Services By Bizz Directions

Bizz Directions specializes in increasing your digital presence through SEO and SEM. The services we provide are the following:

  • Strategy planning & execution.
  • In-depth Keyword research to find keywords with high traffic.
  • A detailed report on campaign progress.
  • Discovery of potential marketing opportunities via different marketing mediums.
  • Detailed competitor analysis to find lapses that can be used in your favor.
  • Ad editor, creation and optimization.
  • Tracking and Monitoring new and ongoing campaigns.
  • ROI Measurements.
  • Optimization pointers, tips, and tricks.
  • Consultation on making campaigns more efficient.

What We Will Do For You

  • Create Google Ads as per your needs and allocated resources.
  • Discovering and verifying the right audience for your business.
  • By using Google Keyword Planner find the best keywords with less competition and higher reach.
  • Monitor the progress of Ad campaigns through Google AdWords.
  • Implementation of Strategies, and campaigns, if necessary.
  • Help grow your venture into new profitable markets.

What Makes Us Different From Other SEM Agencies?

With Bizz Directions on board, your desired growth is just a few clicks away. We prioritize on your success by extensively monitoring your progress. We carry out the task in the most efficient manner and provide you with an estimated cost plus the potential return.

Our clients are updated continuously with potential opportunities and areas that can augment your progress. We provide you with new leads and strategies which can be used to utilize Google Ads to your advantage fully.

80% of the audience never goes to the 2nd page to search for something. Bringing your page on the forefront of SERP’s will drive impressive traffic to your site. Do you have a strategy for this? No? Well, don’t worry, Bizz Directions is here to answer your call.

Customer Centric Of Google

Customer Focus, also known as Client Focus, is a brand approach that focuses on crafting a positive client experience by boosting services/product promotions and making relationships.

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